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March 10-12 2023
XPOCANNA Mohegan Sun
March 25-26 2023
NECANN Connecticut
May 20-21 2023


Social Equity---What does it really mean in the scheme of things?

The whole concept plagues me at times.

Here is the mission statement from the CT Social Equity department of CT Cannabis Council.

"The Social Equity Council was developed in order to make sure the adult-use cannabis program is grown equitably and ensures that funds from the adult-use cannabis program are brought back to the communities hit hardest by the "war on drugs."

Ok I'll buy into that. But that isn't what just happened. The recent decisions by the Social Equity panel is very confusing. Why provide a license to a Massachusetts company and skip over the CT applicants who really need the assistance??

The problem begins with these closed door meetings and behind the veil decisions that the CT Cannabis Council and social equity people are having?? Why the secrecy??

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