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Genetic Footprint Based Design

“Whatever way you start, is the way you will finish!”

When we decided to form IGT, we had one basic goal we wanted to bring forth: value. Value in our designs, construction commissioning, and support by making our program all inclusive, taking the guess work out of the equation, and providing the client with a workable strategy and business model. All that backed by a guarantee that it works!

In order to do this, we had to pick a starting point. What was the one thing that everyone was missing as they approached the starting line? Genetics. It is always an afterthought. The grower only got involved after the facility was designed and had to cram his thoughts into the box that was prepared.

So, IGT reinvented the process. We went back to the roots.

A plant’s genetic structure, along with the environment in which it is grown, defines its final form. A plant with similar genetic makeup, when grown in a different environment, will bring out a different trait from the plant’s genetic code, resulting in a unique color, shape, smell, and resin production.

When IGT designs your cultivation, our Genetics Team along with your grower will define a Genetic Footprint based on your business model. Developing a strategy and support equation for the strain that your grower will work with.

Our Fertigation designs can produce multiple recipes and can deliver the mix precisely to maximize plant growth.

The Genetics Team will assist you in choosing your media and nutrients to support the Genetic Footprint.

Your Genetic Footprint is developed using the following formulas:

• Soil type
• Amount of light
• Angle of light
• Photoperiod length
• Distance between plant and light source
• Time of harvest
• Effects of Hybridization

Our environmental envelopes are designed to be adjustable. We can vary our humidity, air, fertigation and temperature delivery and content from our Building Management System.

Grow 360 puts the control in your hands and provides reports and trend information to get your facility operating at top efficiency levels.

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