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GROW 360


If you are planning to build and operate a cannabis cultivation facility, one thing will become abundantly clear right from the beginning. There is a lot of technology that you have to wade through to find the right combination to bring your idea to reality. It is a problem that has plagued the industry since it's conception.

IGT has taken the guess work out of the equation by providing a proven, trackable program that will get you on track right from the beginning. No wading through multiple consultants to get the answers; only one contact and that’s IGT.

The GROW 360 Program is a revolutionary and innovative step in providing the stakeholders with an optimum design, construction, and our support program.

Our program provides our clients with a complete design and construction program for cultivations or dispensaries.

The IGT Technology teams begin with a Genetic Footprint specifically designed for your business model. Once the footprint is established, we begin our program using our own Grow Lab Technology (GLT) which includes the IGT Wall System.


Our GROW 360 program is an all-inclusive design/build approach which includes all Architectural, Structural, Fire Protection, Mechanical (HVAC/Plumbing), Electrical, and Security/IT designs.

Additionally, we provide you with the Grow Lab design, benches, grow lighting, and fertigation all in support of the Geneitic Footprint.

To round out our program we provide a quality control after-sale support mechanism directed by our Genetics group, verifying the results until your first harvest. This level of support and buy won't be found anywhere else in the industry.


IGT develops Dispensary designs and installation based upon your business model and your themes.


Our Casework and Display manufacturers have developed specific modules that showcase your product and provide ease at the POS stations using the patented Biotech Software Systems.

Our designs result in appeal to the customer and show casing your product. We will work with your team to allocate the space and use 100% of the design to give your business the exposure you desire.

GROW 360 is the answer for cultivation success. 

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